Why Computer Simulation?

Physical lean simulations and games are extremely common and most of us have played them as part of a lean training.  They have several strengths:

  • They are tactile
  • Simple
  • Fun

The computer simulations we offer are meant to complement, not replace, the games you may be currently using.  They offer advantages as well:

  • Fast.  You can show one to an executive on an elevator ride (well, almost).
  • Effective.  Students can see all the data on the screen.  You can speed up, slow down, or re-run to point key happenings out.
  • Easy.  Instructors can watch the instruction video for a new model, do a few practice runs, and be ready to go.  We did all the complicated logic behind the scenes so you do not have to deal with it.
  • Portable.  You can even show in web-based courses.
  • Can easily simulate a year of telephone calls or patient arrivals.  That would be a lot of dice throws!
  • No lost pieces.  The single USB drive is easy to transport.


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