Six Sigma Simulations

These simulation models and games support Six Sigma and Statistics training.

Quincunx (Binomial Simulator)

Motif: Abstract
Concepts Simulated or Discussed:  Quincunx, Binomial Distribution, Approximating Normal Distribution, Skewness, Probability, p, Statistics, Skewness

Distribution Sandbox

This simulator is intended for the user to just play around with sampling from different distributions. They can see the impact of combining more that one distribution.

Motif: Abstract

Concepts Simulated: Distributions, Uniform, Triangular, Normal, Exponential, Gamma, Weibull, Erlang, Sampling, Bimodal, Multimodal. Simulation Game.

Supports Six Sigma training

Lean Simulations and Games for Lean and Lean Six Sigma Training.

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