Manufacturing Simulations

These Lean Simulations are in the Manufacturing sector:

Push vs Pull with Kanban

Motif: Manufacturing
Concepts Simulated: Push vs Pull, Kanban, Queue, WIP, Reducing Travel Time, Delay, Impact of WIP on Quality
Concepts Discussed: SPC, Defects and Kanbans, Root Cause, Space, Lean Simulation

Batch vs One Piece Flow with Setup-Manufacturing

Motif: Manufacturing
Concepts Simulated: Batch, One Piece Flow, Work-In-Process, Set-Up Time, Lean Simulation

This video shows the start of the first model scenario.  There are three model scenarios total, with the last one showing the trade-offs involved with set-up time.

Variation in a Push System-Manufacturing

Motif: Manufacturing
Concepts Simulated: Variation, Queuing Theory, Push System, Lean Simulation

Note: This is the same as the office simulation, except with different graphics.


Variation in Pull System

Motif: Manufacturing
Concepts Simulated: Variation, Pull System, Kanban, Lean Simulation

Kanban Game – Making Robots!

Motif: Manufacturing
Concepts Simulated: Kanban, Just-in-Time, Variability, Work-In-Process, Lean Simulation


Takt Time and Line Balancing-Takt Sign

Motif: Manufacturing
Concepts Simulated: Line Balancing, Takt Time, Overproduction, Space, Lean Simulation


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