Monthly Archives: August 2015

Custom Simulations for Your Lean Project

We added a page describing how we can do custom simulations of your Lean or Lean Six Sigma projects.

Some examples:

  • Your lean Black Belt team may have come up with some great ideas, but how do you know if they will work?  For example, Jerry once had a client deciding if a new workflow process was feasible.  On paper, it looked like a great idea that would greatly reduce their cost, but there was a lot at stake.  If they made a low bid and their idea did not work as well as expected, they could lose a lot of money.  So  they needed to know.  They contacted Jerry and he modeled their As-Is and proposed To-Be idea.  After simulating it, he found there would be only a very minor improvement not worth the cost.  In this case, they prevented a huge blunder by simulating the project first.  (We have omitted industry details to maintain client confidentiality).
  • A potential client loves one of our training simulations, but could we show it with their product and workflows?  Yes, we could customize it and give them animations and process steps that their people will be familiar with.   For a fee, we can modify the model with a version only they would get.

Custom simulations are quoted on a case-by-case basis.