The Big Lean Simulation Library was created specifically to give Lean Six Sigma instructors an easy way to quickly demonstrate complex concepts to their students.  The simulations are small and take between approximately 5 to 30 minutes to show.  Each focuses on just a few concepts so you can show them interspersed throughout the class or all at once.  They have different motifs (manufacturing, healthcare, back office work, etc.) so you could present different sets of simulations depending on your audience.

These simulations also make an excellent tool for initial client presentations to skeptical production managers and business owners.  The simulations and videos can be used remotely on-line, for in-person training sessions, or in self-study.

Best of all, it is now available as a free download.

6 thoughts on “Home

    1. Jerry Levasseur Post author

      Sure, Ponciano. You can download the simulations and video from here: https://jaamsim.com/downloads.html

      They are at the end of the page.

      You run the simulations locally on your machine using a free copy of JaamSim. For video, you can download them from the link above, or view them from YouTube or various other sources where they are located.


    1. Jerry Levasseur Post author

      Hi Ashish,

      These are simplified models intended primarily for training key concepts in a short time frame. As such, they would not be suitable for “real” applications. However. the simulation engine I use (JaamSim) certainly can and is used to model real, complex systems. Those types of models require much more effort and usually someone quite experienced in simulation. Discrete-event simulation has been used for years to model real manufacturing system.



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